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The Modern Pre-Nup: There’s a Better Way, Really!

– with Suzy Eckstein, JD

Who’s afraid of the big bad prenup? Well, if you’re getting married probably you. So you might be surprised to learn that crafting a pre-nup should be a positive experience- one that strengthens the bond between you and your future spouse and sets you on a road to a happy, healthy marriage.

Finding the Right Divorce for You Part I: What are Your Options and How do You Choose?

– with Suzy Eckstein, JD

You’ve decided to get divorced (or your spouse has decided for you)… Where to begin? In this episode Kate and Jane are joined by experienced family law attorney Suzy Eckstein. Together they take on the confusing questions “How can I find a good divorce lawyer who is right for me?”, and “What are the the different ways to get divorced?” They then address other frequently asked questions, including “How much is this going to cost, and can I get my spouse to pay for it?, “How long is this going to take?”, “How can I get my spouse to move out?”, “What if my spouse takes me to court?”, “Do we have to get attorneys?”, “Can we make do with one attorney?”, “What is the difference between mediation and Collaborative Divorce?”… and many more.

Finding the Right Divorce for You Part II: Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You?

– with Suzy Eckstein, JD

Collabortive Divorce is an an out-of-court way to resolve your divorce disputes in a respectful, non-adversarial manner. Never heard of Collaborative Divorce? Heard of it, but want to know more? In this episode Kate and Jane are again joined by family law attorney Suzy Eckstein. Together they explain and demystify the important aspects of Collabortive Divorce– what it is, how it works, and what makes it different from all other divorce process options. They address common questions and concerns, such as “What is the difference between Collaborative Divorce and mediation?”, “How much does Collaborative Divorce cost?”, “My spouse and I communicate pretty well, do we really need Collaborative Divorce?”, “Is it true that if I end up having to go to court I’ll lose my lawyer?”, “What if my ex isn’t the collaborative sort?”, “What if I have a secret I don’t want to disclose?”, “What if I’m worried my spouse is hiding something?”, “What if my spouse is abusing drugs?”, “What if there is violence in our family?”, and more.

How to Protect Your Children in Divorce: Lessons from the Latest Research

– with Lisa Herrick, PhD

What steps can you take to make sure your divorce doesn’t cause permanent damage to your child’s development? Psychologist and divorce expert Dr. Lisa Herrick joins us to discuss what we can learn from the latest research on the impact of divorce on children of all ages, including how to identify “risk factors” and implement “protective strategies” — so that your divorce can remain a sad memory rather than a bad developmental turning point.

Divorce, Mortgages and What to do with the House

– with Margie Hofberg, President Residential Mortgage Center

If you’re getting separated or divorced, where you’ll each live is one of your biggest concerns. You have questions, like: “Can one of us keep the house?”; “Should one of us buy the other out?”; “How do we figure out what our house is worth?”; “Can I qualify for a mortgage, and what can I do to increase my chances?”; “What if I have been out of the job market for years?”, and “If I don’t keep the house, should I rent or buy?” Mortgage professional Margie Hofberg has over 15 years’ experience helping separating and divorcing people to navigate this often anxiety-producing process. In this episode she shares helpful, reassuring, important and often surprising tips you need right now (before you sign your Separation or Divorce Agreement!) –to ensure that your transition from one household to two goes as smoothly as possible.